News and upcoming events


After summer, all sites made a great effort to include 11 new patients in September! For the complete newsletter of September click here.


It is been a year since the Medical Ethics Committee approval and 6 months since the first patient was included, and the first 3 patients are operated on. For the complete newsletter of May click here.


The first three patients in the DIST pilot study were operated on march 28th, march 30th and april 6th. For the complete newsletter of April, click here


Important changes are made in the study procedures. There are some changes in the (e)CRF, and the production server of OpenClinica is now in use (which means the sandbox server is closed). All patients will be transferred to the production server. For the complete newsletter of March, click here.


all centers are initiated, control patients are being included and we are waiting for the first surgical patient to operate him/her with the Artemis device.


On January 7th en 8th the neurosurgeons in the Radboudumc, Erasmus MC and AMC were trained in the use of the 2nd generation Artemis device. As soon as the devacied will be delivered, we can start operating patients! For the full newsletter of January, click here.


On November 27th, the first patiĆ«nt was included in the DIST pilot study! With this first inclusion, the DIST pilot study now has officially started. Seven of the ten centers are now initiated, and we expect to have initiated all 10 participating centers before the end of 2018. We are waiting for the Artemis device, to start the study in the surgical centers as well. For the full newsletter of December, click here.


Local Board of Directors approval in the Radboudumc: the pilot study has started!


The Medical Ethical Committee has given approval to start the study!